In the search for excellence, the best united to launch 3D Med. This is when care embraced science and technology.

Some time ago, a group of enthusiasts from various parts of the world started sharing their views on how science and the latest technology breakthroughs could impact modern medicine. It became clear that machine learning, 3D printing, laser cutting, and specific software along with other technological developments could make the most efficient medical appliances accessible to a wider group of patients.

Therefore, a group of doctors, engineers and software developers who had dreamt of making modern medicine more efficient decided to unite and make their bold dream come true. 

This is how 3D Med company was formed. The company which is about to change the modern world is a result of passion, care, and science working for the people. It is indeed the place where care embraces science and technology.

Our head office and data center are located in the center of Europe – St. Moritz, Switzerland. We are also present in the European Union, United Arab Emirates and Russia.

Equipped with the state-of-art equipment, ultra-modern robotics, unique software and, most importantly, a bright and excited team, 3D Med is proud to present to you our first masterpiece – the Phantom range of orthodontic appliances.