This is how science meets care

First Impression

A dental professional sends us a data package containing impression of the teeth or intraoral digital scan of the patient.


Our software enhanced by Deep Reinforcement Learning system prepares a digital treatment plan, which takes into account all provided information about the patient and suggests strategy for the treatment.


A dental professional, equipped by our software named SuperVision, can make final touches to the treatment plan or confirm the version prepared by Phantom system.


Once the treatment plan is confirmed, we invoke our advanced machines and craftsmen who will produce unique set of braces or aligners, whichever is best for perfecting a patient’s smile.

Robot's Touch

Our unique customized robots bend the archwires for braces or cut contour aligners ensuring ultimate precision of the treatment.

Total Control

A dental professional, equipped by Phantom digital system, can control and check all stages of the treatment confirming that the final result coincides with the planned strategy.

Perfect Smile

All our efforts, science, experience and care aim at the ultimate goal – a perfect smile for a happy patient. In order to reach that goal we invoked the most advanced technologies and made the cost of our products affordable to the larger group of people. We are confident that perfect smile is a treasury that must not cost fortune.

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